honggfuzz V0.3 – A general-purpose fuzzer with simple, command-line interface

Honggfuzz is a general-purpose fuzzing tool. Given a starting corpus of test files, Hongfuzz supplies and modifies input to a test program and utilize the ptrace() API/POSIX signal interface to detect and log crashes.$ ./honggfuzz
honggfuzz version 0.3 Robert Swiecki , Copyright 2010 by Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
: input file (or input dir)
[-h]: this help
[-q]: null-ify children’s stdin, stdout, stderr; make them quiet
[-s]: standard input fuzz, instead of providing a file argument
[-u]: save unique test-cases only, otherwise (if not used) append
current timestamp to the output filenames
[-d val]: debug level (0 – FATAL … 4 – DEBUG), default: ‘3’ (INFO)
[-e val]: file extension (e.g swf), default: ‘fuzz’
[-r val]: flip rate, default: ‘0.001’
[-m val]: flip mode (-mB – byte, -mb – bit), default: ‘-mB’
[-c val]: command modifying input files externally (instead of -r/-m)
[-t val]: timeout (in secs), default: ‘3’ (0 – no timeout)
[-a val]: address limit (from si.si_addr) below which crashes
are not reported, default: ‘0’ (suggested: 65535)
[-n val]: number of concurrent fuzzing processes, default: ‘5’
[-l val]: per process memory limit in MiB, default: ‘0’ (no limit)
[-p val]: attach to a pid (a group thread), instead of monitoring
previously created process, default: ‘0’ (none) (ptrace only)
usage: honggfuzz -f input_dir — /usr/bin/tiffinfo -D ___FILE___

Download : honggfuzz-0.3.tgz
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Read more in here : http://code.google.com/p/honggfuzz