HexaFind v1.3 released : The Unix & Linux network attack tool detection project.

HexaFind v1.3 fixed bugs and added features:

1. Fixed line processing arguments for multiple tools
2. Decreased processing sleep times
3. Increased and revised accuracyoperation1

The continued and growing trend of the frequency and severity of network attacks against corporations, private individuals in
addition to countries has prompted the development of network attack detection tools. In order to defend against threats – security
is not only required in a pre-emptive scenario, but also ex post facto; whereby the criminal/ civil act has been detected and the
acquisition of evidence has begun in order to provide a conviction. This project and its scripted application have been created in
response to these escalating movements towards network vulnerability enumeration and distributed denial of service attacks


There is a clear lack of network attack tool detection products for the Linux/ UNIX operating system, and therefore this project should
also address this imbalance. Within society, the UNIX / Linux operating system makes up an extremely minute fraction of
operating systems that are in use within the world of today

Download : hexafind.rar (15.8 kB)
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source : http://www.hexafind.com/