Hash Monster

A simple gui to generate and compare hashes


  • Supports md2, md4, md5, ripemd160, sha0, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512 and many more
  • Supports all of the SHA-3 candidate algorithms that have advanced to the final round of the NIST hash function competition
  • Includes a progress dialog to keep track of the percentage completed when calculating hashes
  • Generate and compare hashes for single files or strings
  • Batch generate, save or compare multiple files at once
  • Encode/decode strings in hex and base64
  • Encode/decode URIs
  • Generate UUIDs
  • Includes a console application to generate hashes using any supported library or algorithm
  • Schedule automated hashing operations
  • Detect events such as missing or modified files
Platform : WINDOWS & LINUX
Or find Current release | read more in here : hashmonster