Harness  - Interactive remote PowerShell Payload.

Harness – Interactive remote PowerShell Payload.

Harness is remote access payload with the ability to provide a remote interactive PowerShell interface from a Windows system to virtually any TCP socket. The primary goal of the Harness Project is to provide a remote interface with the same capabilities and overall feel of the native PowerShell executable bundled with the Windows OS.
Payload Features:
+ Remote PowerShell CLI
+ Multiline command processing similar to native PowerShell.exe
+ Supports remote importing of PowerShell modules without additional staging (requires supporting handler)
+ Unmanaged payload allows for white list bypassing
+ Reflective payload allows for payload to be injected into other processes

Harness is bundled in a small Python framework. Python 3.4+ is required because the handler is implemented around the asyncio library. To install Python3.4 as an alternate install you can run the following commands:

Other than installing Python 3, installation only requires that you unzip the Harness folder to a location of your choosing. Currently the framework has only been tested on Kali Linux, and was not designed for Windows.
Starting Harness:

Download : Harness.zip  | Clone Url
Source : https://github.com/Rich5