gshark framework - web post exploitation framework.

gshark framework – web post exploitation framework.

gshark framework can be perform web post exploitation, with this you can interact with multiple web backdoor and execute custom module, script.

Check all your backdoors with only one telegram messenger account !
– Connect web backdoor to master server and control it with Telegram
– Download visual backdoor on selected target
– Execute custom module or PHP code in selected target
– Start a multiples integrated commands in GShark
– Generate offuscated GShark Executor backdoor
– Configure proxy on master server for comunicate to all backdoors (Proxy**)
– Generate new backdoor source after interaction (AutoGenerate**)
– More …

+ Python 2.7.x
+ Telegram Api
+ Mysql Database.

example configure gshark framework

Configure Telegram account
1. Navigate on this url and add the botFather contact :
2. Send a message /newbot to @botFather contact and send your botName
3. Send a messsage /mybots to @botFather and select your botname
— Now we can generate Token, click on API_TOKEN and select your token (LIKE : 41****:AAG5wqLsxe****nb9i)
4 .telegram account as been configured !

* Database
– Create a database and upload a SQL/database.sql file
* Configure Gshark master server environment
* Now we need configure GShark.
* Upload all gshark-framework repository to your hosting and use a folder Core/Interfaces/ for public repository
– Open file /Core/Config/config.json