Ghost Commander – Android Tools

Dual panel Android file manager (like Norton or Total Commander). Aside the /sdcard it works with FTP servers, Windows (Samba) network shares (with a plug-in), ZIP archives, etc. Lots more features and customization settings are there.


  • Two panels – in the side-by-side and the overlapped modes.
  • Copy and move files and folders between the panels
  • Standard file manager’s features such as create folders, rename, delete, etc.
  • Store frequently used path and URIs to the favorites list
  • ZIP creation and extraction. Working with a ZIP as a folder.
  • FTP client.
  • Samba (Windows Networks) plugin
  • Super-user (root:) mode. Executing the su commands, chmod, etc. Mount and remount the partitions.
  • Many customization options: colors, languages, toolbar buttons, etc.
  • Built-in text editor. An option to call a third party editor instead
Download and Find Curent release in here :