FTPMAP - FTP scanner, and take-over tool in C.

FTPMAP – FTP scanner, and take-over tool in C.

Ftpmap scans remote FTP servers to indentify what software and what versions they are running. It uses program-specific fingerprints to discover the name of the software even when banners have been changed or removed, or when some features have been disabled. FTP-Map will try to detect exploits by the  FTP software/version. and FTP-Map also contains tools for remote take-over.

Latest Change and Updates 14/06/2015 version 0.9:
+ New –list, –delete, –last-modified options, FTP data tunnel, take over tools.
+ New lighter Makefile, -b flag bug fix, FTP_CRLF removed from FTP-Map.

——————————- USAGE ——————————
Using ftpmap is trivial, and the built-in help is self-explanatory :

Example Usage:


———————— Obfuscating FTP servers ——————-

This software was written as a proof of concept that security through obscurity doesn’t work. Many system administrators think that hidding or changing banners and messages in their server software can improve security.

Don’t trust this. Script kiddies are just ignoring banners. If they read that “XYZ FTP software has a vulnerability”, they will try the exploit on all FTP servers they will find, whatever software they are running. The same thing goes for free and commercial vulnerability scanners. They are probing
exploits to find potential holes, and they just discard banners and messages.

On the other hand, removing software name and version is confusing for the system administrator, who has no way to quickly check what’s installed on his servers.
If you want to sleep quietly, the best thing to do is to keep your systems up to date : subscribe to mailing lists and apply vendor patches.

————————— COMPILATION —————————
“make install will not work for now.”
cd src && ./ftpmap -h

Download : Master.zip  | Clone Url
Source : https://github.com/Hypsurus