Forensic Hashing

Forensic Hashing – Android Forensic Toolkit.

All operations in Android Forensic Toolkit (AFTK, henceforth the software) can be done in the following steps.
– Connect the device/drive and refresh drive list in the software.
– Select desired drive from the drop down menu.
– Click the button for the desired operation.
– Sit back and relax as the software does the work.

Forensic Hashing

Forensic Hashing

Clone Disk
This option allows you to make an exact replica of a disk/drive onto another disk/drive. There must be enough space on the destination disk/drive for cloning to take place.

Compute Hash
This option allows you to choose from a variety of options to compute the hash value of the entire disk/drive. This value can also be compared with the value stored in another file.

Get Details
This option lets you view and recover all the deleted files that still exist on the disk/drive. It also displays additional details about the drive and hex data of important parts of the drive.

This software requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on the machine in order to run. Although the software package comes with a setup for JRE, you may wish to download and install it separately from
Additionally in order access certain devices, such as Android phones and Tablets, it is necessary to have the required drivers present on the system. The software will install necessary drivers to your System32\Drivers folder and/or to a \Drivers folder in the installation folder.
The software will always need to run as administrator in order to properly access the system files.

– Windows XP or above
– Java Runtime Environment 7 or above
– 1 GHz Processor or better
– 32 MB Hard disk space

1. Download
2 unzip it
3. Open with your favorite IDE then build it.