fixer - FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocols fuzzer.

fixer – FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocols fuzzer.

Disclaimer: This tool is for legal purposes only.

Fixer™ is a Python command-line tool which simplifies and enhances FIX security testing by delivering a more customisable and automated Fix fuzzing process.
Key features:
+ The user can now pass a file containing a list of his own payloads for fuzzing
+ Fuzzing specific, user supplied, FIX fields
+ Passing multiple parameters for fuzzing
+ Handling multiple requests from raw files
+ An auto-fuzz functionality was introduced: it generates unusual UTF-8 input and allows the user to control the length and the step of the generated payload


– Wireshark or TCPDump
Fixer will use as input a TCPDump or Wireshark capture of a legitimate fix Login conversation in raw format. The tool will then process the .RAW file exctracting and parsing FIX messages which will be fuzzed by the tool.
– Python 2.7.x