fivebelow FiveBelow – is a fileformat fuzzer for windows binaries developed using python

This is a file fuzzer that I created over a game of texas hold’em one night whilst smashing down to many bourbon and cokes.Nicknamed fivebelow because during the game, we decided to remove numbers 5 and below so that we played with only numbers 6-10, jack, queen, king and aces.

This enabled us to increase our chances of a good hand as there was only 3 of us playing. I figured that I may as well attempt to increase my chances of finding some bugs too.

To continue with the style and theme (and to mask my laziness), the fuzzer has been designed with simplicity and attempts to solve some problems that were identified in other simple file fuzzers.

I have compiled the engine into a IA-32 – 32bit standalone executable using py2exe so that users do not have to worry about interdependencies with python libraries such as pydasm or pydbg.

The configuration file is located in configconfig.xml. Before running, ensure that your configuration folder and file exists in the fivebelow folder.

The config file consists of:

standard “fuzztests” which are the fuzz test cases.
global parameters to set for fuzzing
Global options
The researcher can configure the fuzzer the following way:

logpath: The log path where fuzz logs are generated after a fuzzing run
time_delay: The amount of time to wait before terminating the process. That way if the process hangs, it will be canned.
startfile/endfile: the fuzz files to start and end at. If you generate 2000 files, you may only want to fuzz half now and do more later
arguments: the arguments to include. By default it will set {FILE} indicating just a file as the argument.
Fuzz Tests
Additional, certain parameters can be configured when generating files:

fuzz byte: the byte to use for fuzzing with. Specified so that the number of fuzz files does not go beyond 0xffffffff.
start_byte_location/end_byte_location: the location in the file to start/end fuzzing at
numberOfBytes: is the number of bytes to fuzz with, eg typically only 2 or 4. However you may want to test with more bytes.
start_buffer_size/end_buffer_size: the start/end sizes of buffer strings to test with.
increments: the value to increment with.
location: the location in the file to fuzz at.

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