Files Hash code Verifier v1.1 released – A tool to verify and generate MD5,SHA,CRC32 hash of multiple files

Hash Code Verifier is a Cross-platform application to verify the Integrity of your download files. Hash Code verifier can be very useful if you want to check if a downloaded file is original and not corrupted or modified by hackers.
In order prevent users from such problem, websites often publish MD5 or SHA hash of the file so that users can ensue that a file has not been modified by checking the file’s hash value . Hash Code verifier can generate hash for multiple files and allow user to compare with the provided hash value.


  • Verify the Hash of files
  • Calculate hash for multiple files : Simply Drag and drop files from computer into the application for generating hash.
  • Compare Two files
  • Supports MD5,SHA1,SHA256,SHA512 and CRC32 hash codes.
  • Save the generated hash list in a text/HTML format
  • Automatically generate hash when you browse or drop the files.
  • Yes, it is Cross-platform(You can use this application in any Operating system)

ChangeLog for v1.1:

  1. recursive directory traversal: Generate hash for all files in the given folder
  2. Clear Table Bug fixed
  3. Singl File comparing issue Fixed
  4. Right-Click copy menu
  5. null file creation bug fixed
  6. Hide/Show Columns options
  7. User interface modified

Download : HashCodeVerifier.jar (622.4 kB)
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