ffw - A fuzzing framework for network servers.

ffw – A fuzzing framework for network servers.

Fuzzes network servers/services by intercepting valid network communications data, then replay it with some fuzzing.

FFW can fuzz open source applications, and also closed source applications. It also supports feedback driven fuzzing by instrumenting honggfuzz, for both open- and closed source apps. This is called honggmode.

FFW – Fuzzing For Worms

+ Fuzzes all kind of network protocols (-server)
+ No modification of the fuzzing target needed (at all)
+ Can fuzz open- and closed-source projects
+ Has feedback-driven fuzzing (compiler support, or hardware based)
+ Can fuzz network clients too (wip)
+ Very fast fuzzing setup, no source code changes or protocol reversing needed!


Source: https://github.com/dobin