FBHT(Facebook Hacking Tool) v-3.0 Released.

changelog v-3.0 a few days a go:
Logic error fixed

Facebook Hacking Tool

Python : -version 2.7.3 (Windows/Linux)
IMPORTS utility Before Run:

Matplotlib-1.2.1 Networkx-1.8.1 Numpy-1.7.1 Pygraphviz-1.1 Simplejson-3.3.0 Mechanize-0.2.5 Other: gephi-0.8.2-beta (Graphs software)
Recomendation: Use setuptools for the dependencies

Working on Windows 7 64/32 bits Working on Kali Linux, but probably works on the others (deprecated – read below)

Usage: python main.py

Set variable path handling according to OS; should work on either Windows, Mac or Linux systems. Tested on Windows 7, Kali Linux, Debian 7 (Wheezy).

Download for Linux (2.9 MB)
Download for Windows (2.8 MB)
or cloning | Git
Sources : FBHT