FakeDns – A regular-expression based DNS MITM Server.

FakeDns is A regular-expression based python MITM DNS server with correct DNS request passthrough and “Not Found” responses.
Change 13.02.2015; fakedns.py : Added MX to TYPE enum, perfected the proxing algorithm, should work for DNS types it does not know about now.
A python regular-expression based DNS server!

The dns.conf should be set the following way:

The answer could be a ip address or string self, the self syntax sugar will be translated to your current machine’s local ip address, such as
If a match is not made, the DNS server will attempt to resolve the request using whatever you have your DNS server set to on your local machine and will proxy the request to that server on behalf of the requesting user.
Supported Request Types

In-Progress Request Types 

Download : Master.zip  | Clone Url
Source : https://github.com/Crypt0s