FakeAuth - Network attack framework made with arp-poison.

FakeAuth – Network attack framework made with arp-poison.

FakeAuth is an FakeAuthentication Network Attack framework written in python3, and made with poison

* Network Injection
+ Inject wireless Deauthentication frames from wireless access points within a certain basic service set, or within an extended service set to capture a 4 way handshake, and perform local based dictionary based attacks against the .cap file.

* Mac Spoofing (Coming in future update)
+ Spoof your wireless network cards media access control address, when performinng arbituary network attacks, to mask your presence (slightly)

* Media Access Control Address Checking
+ Check the current state of your media access control address by importing system defined plugins such as fakeauth/network/check/mac_address to get status information about wether or not your MAC address is properly masked or not

-Fake Authentication attacks against WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) related IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.11 wifi protocols in order to attacks vulnerable networks

+ Aircrack-ng
+ Python .7.x


Source: https://github.com/scriptedp0ison