EmPyre - A post-exploitation OSX/Linux agent.

EmPyre – A post-exploitation OSX/Linux agent.

EmPyre is a pure Python post-exploitation agent built on cryptologically-secure communications and a flexible architecture. It is based heavily on the controller and communication structure of Empire.
Key negotiation
+ KEYs = staging key, set per server (used for RC4 and initial AES comms)
+ KEYn = the DH-EKE negotiated key
+ PUBc = the client-generated DH public key
+ PUBs = the server-generated DH public key

empyre - python post exploitation agent

empyre – python post exploitation agent

The process is as follows:
1. client runs launcher.py that GETs stager.py from /stage0 launcher.py implements a minimized RC4 decoding stub and negotiation key
2. server returns RC4(KEYs, stager.py) (key negotiation stager) stager.py contains minimized DH and AES
3. client generates DH key PUBc, and POSTs HMAC(AES(KEYs, PUBc)) posts to /stage1 server generates a new DH key on each check in
4. server returns HMAC(AES(KEYs, nonce+PUBs)) client calculates shared DH key KEYn
5. client POSTs HMAC(AES(KEYn, [nonce+1]+sysinfo) to /stage2
6. server returns HMAC(AES(KEYn, patched agent.py))
7. client sleeps on interval, and then GETs /tasking.uri
8. if no tasking, return standard looking page
9. if tasking, server returns HMAC(AES(KEYn, tasking))
10. client posts HMAC(AES(KEYn, tasking)) to /response.uri


Download: 1.0.0.zip  | 1.0.0.tar.gz
Source: https://github.com/adaptivethreat