dynipdrop(dynamic IP drop) – Drop specified IP n seconds remotely, auto-undrop it when timeout.

It’s a IDS-receiver and written in C.
Sometimes I want to drop remote IP xx seconds, and Undrop it when timeout;
Sometimes my sniffer-server find a hack-action and I want to tell another server/server-group “Drop xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP xx seconds”.
So I written this program — dynipdrop(“dynipdrop” daemon and “ipdrop_local” to send a drop-msg from localhost, and “ipdrop_udp” to send a drop-msg to another server(installed the dynipdrop daemon).
And I think: “Maybe I can make a client to drop the ssh-scan, like DenyHost(http://denyhost.sf.net)”, so I write the “sshdprotector”.

dynipdrop run on linux and need iptables, I use “portsentry(http://sourceforge.net/projects/sentrytools/” + “sshdprotect” + “dynipdrop” to protect my servers, and hope this software make some help to you.

Download Latest Version : dynipdrop-1.0.0.tar.gz
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