Drupal Email Anonymizer

Enables Craigslist-style “anonymization” of email addresses on node comments. An anonymous user can post their comment, enter their name and email, and choose to expose a “fake” email address that will route to their real email address.NoteThis module was designed to work with a Google apps account that has IMAP turned on. It has not been tested with other email providers, although we do not forsee any problem adapting it for other providers.

How it works

Generates random email addresses at a specified domain to mask the real email addresses of people who post content or comments on your website. These random email addresses are not actual accounts on your mail server; rather they are all sent to a “catch-all” address.

This script downloads mail from the catch-all account (using IMAP) and looks up the recipients against a database table that maps fake emails to real emails. If matches are found, the messages are forwarded to the appropriate destinations.


  1. Set up a Google apps account
  2. Create an account to act as a “catch-all” domain. This will catch emails sent to the randomly-generated addresses created by this module.
  3. Turn on IMAP for this account
  4. Install and enable this module.
  5. From the module’s configuration page, set the IMAP credentials, as well as the domain name for your fake email addresses. (example: If you want your fake addresses to end in @mydomain.com, you would put “mydomain.com” on the configuration page.
  6. The routing will be done automatically any time Drupal cron runs.

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