dragon.c (Backdoors) is a sniffing, non binding, reverse down/exec & portknocking service.

dragon.c: a sniffing, non binding, reverse down/exec, portknocking service.
Compiles as a windows service. Once installed & started, it’ll listen (using winpcap) to all interfaces on the machine. If a packet comes across with the “magic source port”, it’ll reach out using wget to download and execute a binary based off of the src ip of the senders packet.
As it stands the the “magic source port” is 12317. To change this, you can modify the option listed in the accepted source port in the function “packet_handler”.

How to Compile:
* compile use MinGW’s version of gcc.
* You will need to have installed or reference the path to the libpcap and WpdPack Libraries.
* gcc.exe -v -I c:\Path\To\WpdPack\Include -L c:\Path\To\WpdPack\lib dragon.c -L/usr/local/lib -lwpcap -lws2_32 -static -o dragon.exe.

To Do:
* Change to have each service dispatch for each interface
* Change to support IPv6
* Remove Debug Logging

dragon.c Script :

Source : https://github.com/Shellntel