dorkbot - Scan Google search results for vulnerability.

dorkbot – Scan Google search results for vulnerability.

The author does not hold any responsibility about the bad use of this script, remember that attacking targets without prior concent its ilegal and punish by law, this script was build to show how resource files can automate tasks.

dorkbot is a modular command-line tool for performing vulnerability scans against a set of webpages returned by Google search queries in a given Google Custom Search Engine. It is broken up into two sets of modules:
+ Indexers – modules that issue a search query and return the results as targets
+ Scanners – modules that perform a vulnerability scan against each target

Targets are stored in a local database upon being indexed. Once scanned, any vulnerabilities found by the chosen scanner are written to a standard JSON report file. Indexing and scanning processes can be run separately or combined in a single command.

+ PhantomJS
+ Arachni
+ Wapiti
+ Python 2.7.x