dork-cli ~ Command line Google dork tool.

dork-cli ~ Command line Google dork tool.

dork-cli performs searches against a Google custom search engine and returns a list of all the unique page results it finds, optionally filtered by a set of dynamic page extensions. Any number of additional query terms / dorks can be specified. dork-cli was designed to be piped into an external tool such as a vulnerability scanner for automated testing purposes.
– Python 2.7.x


Custom Search Engine:
+ Create a custom search engine via
+ Add your desired domain(s) under “Sites to search”
+ Click “Search engine ID” button to reveal the id, or grab it from the “cx” url paramter

API key:
+ Open the Google API console at
+ Enable the Custom Search API via APIs & auth > APIs
+ Create a new API key via APIs & auth > Credentials > Create new Key
+ Select “Browser key”, leave HTTP Referer blank and click Create

Usage and Dwonload: