Dnsf_ckr - A dns exploitation tool.

Dnsf_ckr – A dns exploitation tool.

dnsf_ckr is an application used for messing up with domain names. Until now it works on FreeBSD and Linux.
The idea here is sniffing victim’s dns requests and fake the response as soon as possible than real dns server. In this way we can redirect the target machine to anywhere You want.

This application is only for educational purposes. Developer wrote it to show how the DNS protocol can be unsecure in some cases and I think you should use it with responsibility.

How to build it?
In order to build dnsf_ckr you need to use Hefesto(https://github.com/rafael-santiago/hefesto), Is a multiplatform build system which currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.

Using dnsf_ckr:


What about the dnsf_ckr-core section in .conf file?

A dns exploitation tool

A dns exploitation tool

Download : Master.zip  | Clone Url
Source : https://github.com/rafael-santiago