distributedPHP client – Beta – A simple script for distributed computing through PHP:

distributedPHP client is a simple PHP script that can simultaneously activate/send data to as many web scripts as you want. You must open and configure the distributedPHP .php file prior to running it. ditributedPHP client supports activating scripts without data, sending the same data to all scripts, sending unique data to each script or sending user input to each script.

Examples of use include: distributed math computation, encryption breaking, SETI@home/folding@home (well, if they made the projects in php..) distributed bruteforce attacks, ddos attacks, distributed processing, etc..

distributedPHP client can be configured to distribute computing to scripts written in a language other than php as long as the script supports html form input (or doesn’t require input at all).

Download Latest version : dPHP.php (5.4 kB)
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