DET - Data Exfiltrating Toolkit.

DET – Data Exfiltrating Toolkit.

DET (is provided AS IS), is a proof of concept to perform Data Exfiltration using either single or multiple channel(s) at the same time.
This is a Proof of Concept aimed at identifying possible DLP failures. This should never be used to exfiltrate sensitive/live data (say on an assessment)
The idea was to create a generic toolkit to plug any kind of protocol/service to test implmented Network Monitoring and Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) solutions configuration, against different data exfiltration techniques.

DET (extensible) Data Exfiltration Toolkit

DET supports multiple protocols, listed here:
+ SMTP/IMAP (eg. Gmail)
+ Raw TCP
+ PowerShell implementation (HTTP, DNS, ICMP, SMTP (used with Gmail))

And other “services”:
– Google Docs (Unauthenticated)
– Twitter (Direct Messages)