dedsploit - a platform for network exploitation.

dedsploit – a platform for network exploitation.

The author does not hold any responsibility about the bad use of this script, remmember that attacking targets without prior concent its ilegal and punish by law, this script was build to show how resource files can automate tasks.

dedsploit framework aims to exploit and attack some common every-day vulnerabilities, whether it is a misconfiguration of a SSH server, or even the utilization of apache2 as a web server, which could be subjected to malicious Slowloris DoS attacks.



+ Nmap
+ Python 2.7.x

Main Features:
* SSH; bruteforce – bruteforce vulnerable SSH server.
++ bruteforce – bruteforce SMTP address (aka email).
++ smsbomb – utilizes smtp-to-email gateway to spam SMS messages.
++ arpspoof – MITM where user fakes ARP messages on LAN, intercepting packets from host
++ slowloris – Layer-7 DoS attack using slow headers and malformed GET requests to a vulnerable web server.
* Recon
++ pscan – port scan with Nmap
++ hosts – scan for active hosts

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