DBShield - Database firewall.

DBShield – Database firewall.

DBShield a Protects your data by inspecting incoming queries from your application server and rejecting abnormal ones.
Databases Support:
+ DB2
+ MariaDB
+ Oracle
+ Postgres


How it works?
– For example, this is how web server normally interacts with database server:

How to work

– By adding DBShield in front of database server we can protect it against abnormal queries. To detect abnormal queries we first run DBShield in learning mode. Learning mode lets any query pass but it records information about it (pattern, username, time and source) into the internal database.

How to work DBShield

– Improve documentation
– Add Microsoft SQL Server
– Add more command-line arguments
– Get 90% test coverage
– Support Oracle SSL

git clone https://github.com/nim4/DBShield && cd DBShield
go get -u github.com/nim4/DBShield
go build
./DBShield -c config.yml

go run main.go

Source: https://nim4.github.io/DBShield/