D0xk1t ~ Web-based OSINT and active reconaissance suite.

D0xk1t ~ Web-based OSINT and active reconaissance suite.

+ What is this?
D0xk1t is an open-source, self-hosted and easy to use OSINT and active reconaissance web application for penetration testers. Based off of the prior command-line script, D0xk1t is now fully capable of conducting reconaissance and penetration testing for security researchers who need a framework without the head-scratching.


+ Is this a website / webapp ?
Yes and no. In essence, it is not a typical website. D0xk1t is self-hosted. There is no server stack, cloud-based service, SaaS, etc. that is holding it up. You can have the option of deploying D0xk1t on a local network, or deploying your own instance on any infrastructure / technology as you wish (although not recommended).

+ Is this free ?
Yes. D0xk1t will forever be open-source. If you wish to contribute, you can make a fork, add any changes, and send a pull request on Github.


– Easy-to-build, risk-free installation
– Simple Bootstrap Admin Dashboard
– Deployable to the Internet
– Serverless (at the moment)
– Expansive to any OS


Source: https://github.com/ex0dus-0x