cylon-raider - a Wireless Attack Lite.

cylon-raider – a Wireless Attack Lite.

Cylon-Raider is an Easy and quick automation of Aircrack-ng “Replay-Attacks”, targeting WPA2-PSK encrypted routers (most home NATed networks and many small businesses). Guaranteed to capture the 4-way handshake of a decently populated router in under 10 minutes (at least 1 or 2 people logged onto router to properly de-authenticate and listen for their creds).
It can also detect and decloak hidden networks (see UNCLOAK HIDDEN NETWORKS) below

Lightweight Version of Wifi-Attack-Autoloader for Outdated Releases of Kali Nethunter Devices(Python 2.7.9) Designed to Capture the Handshake in Record Time so you can GTFO out of that area!


RAIDER received a new update on Cinco De Mayo.
+ Substantially simplified menu
+ Less repetitive keystrokes (we all know how lousy tablet keyboards are)
+ Auto-saves the LAST target’s parameters in a temporary file(s) to switch between targeting listening and starting your replay-attack (w/o having to enter your data again)
+ Under the hood, substantially improved, and shortened code. In fact most of the modules in the folder are now obsolete. but I keep it around as a resource if I needed something

Raider, will soon be ported to ArmsCommander as a forked-update.
Who is this for?
– Anyone stuck with a crappy Asus Nexus 7 Tablet (2012), or any other device no longer officially supported by the Kali Nethunter Project. It sure kept my crappy tablet useful!
– Anyone dissatisfied with modern GUI versions of Wi-Fi Cracking software (Wifite was supposed to be something awesome, but disappointingly it took damn near forever and did not send enough deauth packets), I can capture the 4-Way WPA2-PSK Handshake in seconds using this, a automated version of Airmon/Aircrack. All it requires is a decent amount of clients on a wireless network for it to work.
– Sometimes referring back to the command line is a way better idea than rely on some GUI crap. It helps you maintain a better understanding of what is going on (or going wrong).