Crhash - a customizable hash brute forcer.

Crhash – a customizable hash brute forcer.

crhash is a hackable hash cracker, meant to be customized for your special cracking needs. Basically it’s just a framework to enumerate strings given a pattern and a charset and you can plug in your own hash computation and checks.

It includes support for OpenCL, so if you want to use that you just have to provide a kernel that computes a hash and checks whether it fulfills a certain property. The framework will then run your kernel and find the strings that you marked as positive.

Currently customization is done by tweaking the config.h header file. In the future we might add the option to support compiled plugins in the form of a shared library.


crhash is built using CMake:

You can also use the included run wrapper script, which will create a build directory in the current working dir:

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