CrackMapExec v4.0 - A swiss army knife for pentesting networks.

CrackMapExec v4.0 – A swiss army knife for pentesting networks.

Changelog CrackMapExec v4.0-dev:
– Added missing requirement
– Fixed an edge case in also renamed to gpp_password
– Added the gpp_autologin module
– Added a workaround for the current impacket smb server bug in get_keystrokes
– fixed formatting in the SMB database navigator
– fixed an error where DC would have there dc attribute overwritten
– Other stuff that i don’t remember

CrackMapExec v4.0


crackmapexec v3.1.3

CrackMapExec is your one-stop-shop for pentesting Windows/Active Directory environments!
From enumerating logged on users and spidering SMB shares to executing psexec style attacks, auto-injecting Mimikatz/Shellcode/DLL’s into memory using Powershell, dumping the NTDS.dit and more!

The biggest improvements over the above tools are:
– Pure Python script, no external tools required
– Fully concurrent threading
– Uses ONLY native WinAPI calls for discovering sessions, users, dumping SAM hashes etc…
– Opsec safe (no binaries are uploaded to dump clear-text credentials, inject shellcode etc…)
Intallation on Kali Linux, Ubuntu and all Linux Platform:

CrackMapExec Usage

CrackMapExec Usage

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