burpSQL – Automating SQL injection using Burp Proxy Logs and SQLMap

How To Usage :

1. Clone the GDSSecurity burpee repository git clone https://github.com/GDSSecurity/burpee.git
2. Download burpSQL.py from https://github.com/milo2012/burpSQLinto the burpee folder

3. Next, You will have to configure logging in Burpsuite

4. Change the proxy settings of your browser to
5. Crawl the website with Owasp Ajax Crawling tool or spider with Burpsuite or the manual way.
 command line options for burpSQL:

6. The above is pretty self explanatory.  If your Burp proxy log is cluttered with urls from multiple domains, you can filtered the SQL injection testing to specific domains using the –domain switch.

Download Tools and Read more : https://github.com/milo2012/burpSQL