BTS PenTesting Lab betav-0.1 released – a vulnerable web application to learn common vulnerabilities

A deliberately Vulnerable Web Application that helps beginners to learn Web Applicaton Pentesting. The app contains various type of latest vulnerabilities and challenges.
This app will be perfect one for you to test your hacking/pentesting skills. The App is still in Beta version.
Currently, the app allows you to learn the following vulnerability types:


*SQL Injection
*File Inclusion
*Remote Code Execution
and more..


  • Has plenty of latest web application vulnerabilities
  • Easy to Install
  • It will help you to learn web application hacking
  • A real vulnerable web application
  • You can use any pentesting/hacking tools to test the vulnerability
  • Contains challenges that will improve your bug finding skills

How to run BTS PenTesting Lab?
1. Install XAMPP or WAMPP in your machine
2. Extract the zip file into the htdocs folder (make sure to rename the folder to “btslab”).
3. Open the “http://localhost/btslab/setup.php” url in your browser.
4. Click the Setup.

Download : (269.9 kB) 
Sources :