bt5-fixit V-4.6 – Easy to use bash script to imporve Back|Track5 by adding missing tools etc..

This tool updates Back|Track 5. It was designed for the gnome32bit version but should run on the other versions.

For Backtrack 5 R1-R2

It adds many of the missing tools and contains an easy updater to update the tools that are already installed.

Just a few of the many tools that are missing that this script gives you the option to add:
RDP client, netwox, netsed, calculator, ssh-keys, missing drivers, arp-scan, gnomeVNC server, UbuntuFirewall, p7zip, screen, file-roller, wifite, open-vas, pyrite…. the list goes on!

For Backtrack 5 R1-R2

Changelog v4.6 : Added Skype for Linux, moved tiger to apt-powered additions


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