Bluefog v-0.0.2 released

Bluefog is an experimental tool designed to create large numbers of phantom Bluetooth devices. The idea for Bluefog came while developing Bluelog, as I wished there was a way I could test Bluelog without having to drag myself and my laptop to a public area every time I wanted to scan for more than a handful of devices. Being able to generate essentially infinite numbers of Bluetooth targets from one computer means easier and faster development.
While Bluefog was originally conceived as a diagnostic tool, it also has its own defensive and offensive uses. Being able to generate a flood of fake Bluetooth devices can confuse anyone attempting to monitor or track physical Bluetooth hardware, as well as making legitimate Bluetooth use considerably more difficult.

Release Notes v-0.0.2: This release is in the very early stages of development and there are some areas of the software which need attention and improvement. There is currently very little in the way of error checking

Download : bluefog-0.0.2.tar.gz(23.38 KB)
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