Blackbone is a Windows memory hacking library.

Blackbone is a Windows memory hacking library.
Features :
+ x86 and x64 support
+ Process interaction
— Manage PEB32/PEB64
— Manage process through WOW64 barrier
+ Process Memory
— Allocate and free virtual memory
— Change memory protection
— Read/Write virtual memory
+ Process modules
— Enumerate all (32/64 bit) modules loaded. Enumerate modules using Loader list/Section objects/PE headers methods.
— Get exported function address
— Get the main module
— Unlink module from loader lists
— Inject and eject modules (including pure IL images)
— Inject 64bit modules into WOW64 processes
— Manually map native PE images
+ Threads
— Enumerate threads
— Create and terminate threads. Support for cross-session thread creation.
— Get thread exit code
— Get main thread
— Manage TEB32/TEB64
— Join threads
— Suspend and resume threads
— Set/Remove hardware breakpoints
+ Pattern search
— Search for arbitrary pattern in local or remote process
+ Remote code execution
— Execute functions in remote process
— Assemble own code and execute it remotely
— Support for cdecl/stdcall/thiscall/fastcall conventions
— Support for arguments passed by value, pointer or reference, including structures
— FPU types are supported
— Execute code in new thread or any existing one
+ Remote hooking
— Hook functions in remote process using int3 or hardware breakpoints
— Hook functions upon return
+ Manual map features
— x86 and x64 image support
— Mapping into any arbitrary unprotected process
— Section mapping with proper memory protection flags
— Image relocations (only 2 types supported. I haven’t seen a single PE image with some other relocation types)
— Imports and Delayed imports are resolved
— Bound import is resolved as a side effect, I think
— Module exports
— Loading of forwarded export images
— Api schema name redirection
— SxS redirection and isolation
— Activation context support
— Dll path resolving similar to native load order
— TLS callbacks. Only for one thread and only with PROCESS_ATTACH/PROCESS_DETACH reasons.
— Static TLS
— Exception handling support (SEH and C++)
— Adding module to some native loader structures(for basic module api support: GetModuleHandle, GetProcAdress, etc.)
— Security cookie initialization
— C++/CLI images are supported
— Image unloading
— Increase reference counter for import libraries in case of manual import mapping
— Cyclic dependencies are handled properly
+ Driver features
+ Allocate/free/protect user memory
+ Read/write user and kernel memory
+ Disable permanent DEP for WOW64 processes
+ Change process protection flag
+ Change handle access rights
+ Remap process memory
+ Hiding allocated user-mode memory
+ User-mode dll injection and manual mapping
+ Manual mapping of drivers

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