Bit-Twist V-2.0 released – Libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator

Bit-Twist is a simple yet powerful libpcap-based Ethernet II (IEEE 802.3) packet generator that comes complete with a comprehensive pcap capture file editor. Bit-Twist runs on Mac OS X (and *BSD), Linux, and Windows. for writing tests and Ant used as the scenario execution engine.

Platform : Windows & Linux

Features :

  • Runs on Mac OS X (and *BSD), Linux, and Windows
  • Send multiple trace files at a time
  • Send packets at a specific speed or line rate in Mbps
  • Packet editor with control over fields in Ethernet, ARP, IP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP headers
  • Automatic header checksum correction
  • Append user payload to existing packets after a specific header
  • Select a specific range of packets and save them in another trace file

Download Latest Version :
Windows : (167.7 kB) 
Linux/Unix : bittwist-linux-2.0.tar.gz (40.3 kB) 
Mac OSx : bittwist-macosx-2.0.tar.gz (40.4 kB)
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