Bed – Bruteforce Exploit Detector

BED is a program which is designed to check daemons for potential buffer overflows, format string bugs et. al.
BED simply sends the commands to the server and checks whether it is still alive afterwards. Of course this will not detect all bugs of the specified daemon but it will (at least it should) help you to check your software for common vulnerabilities.[Change Latest version V-0.5 ]
– fixed port for smtp module
– added a check for some “random” numbers
– added some more misc strings
– added some commands to ftp, pop and imap

How to Usage :
perl -s plugin -t

Download latest version :
Zipball :
Tarball : wireghoul-bed.tar.gz
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read more in here : Bruteforce Exploit Detector
written by mjm ( ) and snakebyte ( )