BAF - Blind Attacking Framework.

BAF – Blind Attacking Framework.

what is BAF ?
– it’s a framework written in python [2.7] that is being made specially for blind attacking , ie : attacking random targets with common security issues , targets are generated by the hackers search engine “shodan” and vulnerable hosts are hacked in an automated way .
– this framework is completely “neutral” ie: it’s not based on shodan API and it has total dependence on web scraping , ie: the only limit on what you can do with it is your immagination as a tester & our programming skills as contributers/owners .

BAF 0.1.0

how to use BAF ?
+ fire up a terminal and sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade
+ install [ requests , httplib , urllib , time , bs4 “BeautifulSoup” , selenium , sys ] python modules
+ python
+ enter your shodan’s account username and pass
+ choose 1 , let it do it’s job , press y , close the previous tab , press y ,close the previous tabs …etc till u have the vulnerable cams only
+ choose 2 , enter what do u want to search for (ie: NSA) , when it’s done , refer to the targets text file , it will contain the targets ip:port
+ that’s all , till now 🙂
+ DON’T close a loading webpage
+ beta versions will make automated browser open for better understanding ,but you can close the webcam tabs freely