Native linux Backdoors command.

Native linux Backdoors command.

Repository holding all alternatives of Unix/Linux backdoors.
List of Backdoor :
+ Demo git-hook backdoor
+ Demo Prompt-Command
+ Demo tcp-wrappers
+ Network-manager (wireless backdoor)
+ Demo Nmap
+ Demo ssh proxycommand
+ Demo Teensyduino; is a complete USB-Based microcontroler dev system in a very small footprint.
+ Demo Unicode Homoglyps
+ Demo Suddouer
+ Added dockerrootplease privilege escalation through Dockerbackdoor

Latest change and updates(19/06/2015): Added dockerrootplease privilege escalation through Docker.
The command you run to perform the privilege escalation fetches my Docker image from the Docker Hub Registry and runs it. The -v parameter that you pass to Docker specifies that you want to create a volume in the Docker instance. The -i and -t parameters put Docker into ‘shell mode’ rather than starting a daemon process.
The instance is set up to mount the root filesystem of the host machine to the instance’s volume, so when the instance starts it immediately loads a chroot into that volume. This effectively gives you root on the machine.
There are many, many other ways to achieve this, but this was one of the most straightforward. You can find the code in the Github repo and the actual image on Docker Hub. Script:

How to Use
Through Docker Hub:

Or through Github:

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