Automated script for Wifi Deauthentication Attack.

Automated script for Wifi Deauthentication Attack.

Written in Python, sends deauth packets to a wifi network which results network outage for connected devices. Uses scapy module to send deauth packets and sniffs wifi. Know more about Deauthentication Attack


Required Tools
+ python 2.7.x
+ aircrack-ng (apt-get install aircrack-ng)
+ scapy (Python Module:apt-get install python-scapy)

How to run?We can actually run in 3 ways:
1. sudo python It will automatically creates mon0 with airmon-ng start wlan0(it wont create, if already exists) and sniffs the wifi singal on that interface. After few seconds, it will displays the SSID and its MAC to choose
2. sudo python XX:YY:AA:XX:YY:AA. MAC address as command line argument. In this case, there is no need to sniff wifi.
3. export DEAUTH=XX:YY:AA:XX:YY:AA && sudo python MAC address as environmental variables.

Use and Download: