Anonymous Web Project – Beta

NOTE ! Beta Version 2.1 is Closed Beta and password saved !A new way to explore the internet without borders ! You can watch every Youtube video you want and forget GEMA/regional banned videos (e.g. you can watch videos only in USA ..) ! The Internet is free to you, now !

Linux: A Linux version is coming soon !

As a Linux user you can try to run it with Wine.
In our tests with Wine 1.2 on Ubuntu 11.10 we had no success to run it. 🙁

Join the Facebook Group and get access to the Closed Beta !


  • Block Ads and Ad Popups
  • Unblock YouTube Videos
  • Uses a proxy network like Tor,but you don’t lose speed
  • You can create your own Proxy list and switch between them
  • Encrypt websites via HTTPS if supported by the website
  • Delete your history automatically
  • Stop tracking by websites (e.g social networks)
  • Do not allow auto scripts, you have the full control of your browser
  • Hijack protection
  • Show you trusted and not trusted websites rated by a large community by a coloured symbol

Platform : Windows 
Download Latest Version : (39.8 MB)
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