AnikOS now is an effort to build a secure and usable linux distro to use on any security-critical Desktop or Server. AnikOS is based on current Hardened Gentoo and built entirely from source.


  • Hardened Linux Kernel 3.2.9 optimized for Desktop-oriented tasks (with GRsecurity and PAX patchsets with Full Execution Audit enabled and was built with Transparent Hugepage and Process Grouping enabled and configured for Low Latency Desktop);
  • Glibc Hardened 2.14.1, GCC Hardened 4.6.2;
  • XZ (lzma2) compression method is used for squashfs root loop (for LiveDVD mode);
  • Xorg Server 1.11.4 and Mesa OpenGL environment 8.0.1;
  • Cinnamon 1.3.1 and Gnome 3.2.1 with AnikOS artwork;
  • Boost tools 1.48
  • Wine 1.4.0 for running various MS Windows applications is secure environment;
  • Office applications by LibreOffice;
  • Web Browser Mozilla Firefox 11.0 with Anonymous Web Browsing support using TOR Network;
  • Mail Client: Mozilla Thunderbird 11.0;
  • Data Sync and Data Backup features by DejaDup and Grsync;
  • Other alpplications: VoIP support by Ekiga, P2P protocols support by Transmission and some other staff (will be customized till first Beta release);
  • SMB File Sharing by Samba 3.6.3;
  • GParted with the following FS support: ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, btrfs, fat, ntfs;
  • Personal Firewall GUI (iptables frontend) by Firewall Builder 4.2 predefined rules for typical workstation use;
  • PSAD 2.1.7 – the Intrusion Detection and Log Analysis tool that uses IPTables;
  • Anonymous Internet resources interconnection feature through Tor Network;
  • Saving personal data into encrypted data container using TrueCrypt;
  • LUKS encrypted block device support using CryptSetup;
  • GPGme as PGP implementation for File Integrity Control and File Encryption;
  • PAM_USB pam module to provide authentification using external USB devices;
  • Package Manager with GUI for managing and updating binary software (TESTING);
  • System Locales: en_US (default) and ru_RU with full UTF-8 support;
  • Code optimizations: -Os -pipe -march=nocona -mtune=core2 (for more compatibility now);
  • CPU instructions support by software: mmx mmxext sse sse2 sse3 (no ssse3+ for more compatibility now).. the default hybrid XFCE / LXDE desktop environment built on #3. Includes bleachbit, cairo-dock, epdfviewer, xarchiver, lxterminal, putty, thunar, pcmanfm, qemu-kvm, openwrt, galculator, synaptic manager, seamonkey, wicd.

Platform : Unix/Linux
Download Latest Version : AnikOS-1.0_alpha_05-22062011.iso (1.2 GB)
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