Ani-Shell v-1.5 update 2012-06-27

=============[0x0101] New in this version :
[0x0101A] Intelligent File Manager
[0x0101A] Auto Rooter
[0x0101A] PHP Obfuscate

Ani-Shell is a PHP remote shell, basically used for remote access and security pen testing. Ani-Shell provides a robust and a basic interface to access the file system, do some networking tweaks and even test your server for some common security vulnerabilities. The developer has tried to follow a coding standard which makes the code a little clean and easier to understand, Note: How you use this shell is exactly on you, and author pays no responsibility for what you use it for and what may be the consequences.

==[0x01] Features :

[0x01A] Shell
[0x01B] Platform Independent
[0x01C]Mass – Mailer
[0x01D]Small Web-Server Fuzzer
[0x01E] Dosser
[0x01F] Design
[0x02A] Secure Login
[0x02B] Deletion of Files
[0x02C] Bind Shell
[0x02D] Back Connect
[0x02E] Fixed Some Coding errors!
[0x02F] Rename Files
[0x03A] Encoded Title
[0x03B] Traceback (Email Alerts)
[0x03C] PHP Evaluate
[0x03D] Better Command Execution (even supports older version of PHP)
[0x03E] Mass Code Injector (Appender and Overwinter)
[0x03F] Lock Mode Customization
[0x04A] Mail Bomber (With Less Spam detection feature)
[0x04B] PHP Decoder
[0x04C] Anti-Crawler Feature
[0x04D] MD5 Hash Cracker
[0x04E] Python Bind-Shell

====[0x0002] Default Login
Username : lionaneesh
Password : lionaneesh