Android-exploit  - Stagefright v2 Android exploit.

Android-exploit – Stagefright v2 Android exploit.

DISCLAIMER: This exploit is for testing and educational purposes only. Any other usage for this code is not allowed. Use at your own risk.

Exploit for RCE Vulnerability CVE-2015-1538. Integer Overflow in the libstagefright MP4 ‘stsc’ atom handling.file_mp4
Don’t forget, the output of “create_mp4” can be delivered with many ways: likes; Packet Injection, MiTM method using Music Videos, Porn Videos, Blackberry Message, WhatsApp & MMS, MMS is the most dangerous attack vector, but not the only one.

– Rename to
– python -h (to print help)
– example : python -c -p 445 -o honeymoon.mp4

 Stagefright Android exploit V-2

Stagefright Android exploit V-2 Script:

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