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Security List Network™ :
IS an OPEN SOURCE Community WITH SCOPE Privileges Escallation, Harvesting, Enummeration, Interception, Reconnaissance, Cryptography, Encryption, MiTM-Man-In-The-Middle-Attack, Reverse Engineering, Backdoors, Payload, Phishing, Brute Force, Fuzzer, Forensics, DFIR, Malware, Anti-Malware, Penetration-Testing, Firewall, Ethical Hacker, Injector, Denial Of Service, Obfuscator, Automation, Sniffer, Keylogger, Scada Tester, Voip/Sip, Linux-Distro, Vulnerability-Scanner, Mobile-Security, Exploits, Trojan, Security-Researchers, HMI-SCADA AND OTHER RANDOM GARBAGE.
Our Team is Came From Different Country With Different Experience at related Field in IT, Computer and Network Security, With Our Mission :
  • FOR EDUCATION/LEARNING Purpose and Research in IT – Computer & Network Security.
  • For help people to develop him/her knowledge in the field of IT – Computer and Network Security.


Information provided on this blog/Site is for learning/educational and Research purposes only! Opening it up to everyone will facilitate a knowledge transfer. Hopefully the initial set will grow and expand.
The author should not be held responsible for any problems arising out of the use of the content on this blog/site! Use content and tools on this blog/site is your own RISK!

Best Regard :
Arif Skygear  AKA 0xc0de[ 0x31D5E61F]  
A Founder, Global Dev, Pentester and Independent Security Researchers.

email : seclist@protonmail.ch [mailing list with Our team]

Thank’s for all Volunteers and all author :
– Terry M Schmidt  & El-Capitan [and All United States of America Security Researchers]
– Pak-Tani [Indonesian Security Researcher]
Hochi-Minh & Lee [and All China Security Researcher]
Ahm3ds [Iran Security Researcher]
0ptimu5Prime [Middle East Security Researcher]
– anon80 [Europe Security Researcher]
– w0rm32 [Malware Researcher]
Dmitry [Russian Security Reasearcher]
cydec [UK – United Kingdom Security Researcher]
K-59 [South Korean Security Researchers]
Eldad [Italyan Security Researcher]
– Marco Storti [Mpge, PcapSE Project]
– Matias Fontanini [Libtins Project]
– Pavel Odintsov [FastNetMon Project] http://stableit.ru/
– All Mexican, Brazilian Security Researchers and Latinas Hacker
ken-pachi & All Japan Security Researchers.
– King-Pin & All Canada Security Researchers.
– All Pakistan Hacker & Security Researchers
– All Hindi/Indian Cyber Force, Software Developers and all Researchers.
Fragil3 and All Russian Hacker + All Russian IT, Computer & Network Security Researchers.
– All Romanian Hacker & Security Researchers.
– All 1337 Crew
– All DZ Crew & Middle East Security Researchers.
– All Europe Software Engineer, Pentester Developer and Network Engineer&Programmer.
– All friend Pentester Developer, Ethical Hacker and IT – Computer and Network Security Researchers in the worldwide

 Contributor :

– Ryan Fahey www.infosecinstitute.com