2N VoiceBlue SMS Server

Simple HTTP (GET or POST) based SMS sending server daemon for 2N VoiceBlue VoIP adapters. The server based on the serial USB ports of these type modem and converts the HTTP request to AT commands. The server has a FIFO queue.

Read Me:

Simple HTTP based SMS sending server for 2N Voiceblue VoIP adapters. It is based on USB terminal conection to the adapter and AT commands. The AT commands docemnted and read from the 2N Voiceblue User Guide documentation here:

– > Python 2.7 (socket.epoll)
– Python-Messaging https://github.com/pmarti/python-messaging
– Python-serial 2.5 > http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyserial/files/pyserial/2.5/pyserial-2.5.tar.gz/download


0.) copy the 2nVoiceBlueSMSServer.py file to: /usr/local/bin/ (cp 2nVoiceBlueSMSServer.py /usr/local/bin/)
and copy 2nVoiceBlueSMSServer.sh -> /etc/init.d/
1.) edit config variables below (config section) only if necessary
2.) start HTTP server on port: ./[program name] [server port] (default:8080) as root!
3.) use a HTTP browser to call the server via GET or POST methods:
http://[host address:port]/?rcpt=[full tel. number of recipient]&msg;=[155 character sms]&smsc;=[our telco’s sms center full number (with + and country code, eg: +36…)]

After check log file.

Starting server with debugging/foreground:
/etc/init.d/2nVoiceBlueSMSServer.sh fg

Download Latest version : 2nVoiceBlueSMSServer.py (15.5 kB)
Find other Version | Read more in here http://voicebluesms.sourceforge.net/